PHP is the nation’s expert source for innovative, high-performance rooftop pipe and equipment support systems. We were the first to implement zero penetration roof support systems. This revolutionary installation method allows us to provide clients with limitless options for support without jeopardizing your roofing warranty.

PHP recognizes that every rooftop environment is different. That’s why we take a completely customized approach to every project, big or small, to ensure our support systems expertly align with the unique requirements of your building specifications. We offer our customer centric design approach at no additional cost – our way of showing clients that we truly believe in the “build it right” mentality we stand by.

Our end goal is to equip architects, engineers, and building owners with a solution to all their rooftop pipe and equipment support concerns by providing a roof support system they can trust. In doing so, we make rooftops safer for the technicians and service professionals that work on them, we protect rooftop equipment, and we preserve the building’s structural integrity.

From pipe, duct, cable tray, and equipment supports, to walkways, crossovers, and platforms, we construct all rooftop components using only the highest quality materials. Our bases are comprised of high-density polypropylene material and coated with a UV additive to deliver the strongest base available and complimented by support components that are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for insurmountable durability.

When quality and endurance matters, you can depend on PHP for the most sustainable and functional roof equipment support systems available.